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Speaking Soundly is a window into the soul of today’s premier professional performing artists. This podcast will engage its audience by lifting the veil on talent, which is typically seen as genius and prodigy, in order to show the process and personal journey of great artists seeking connection, beauty, and spirituality through music.

How do you connect with the world around you?

Speaking Soundly, hosted by Principal Trumpet of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra David Krauss, brings the lives and stories of high-profile, international, diverse, and vibrant performing artists to listeners. David is a friend and peer to these performers, making their conversations less guarded and more intimate, allowing the audience to feel as though they have been invited to join David in his living room with his confidants. Through these dialogues, listeners will learn how artists use music to express themselves and connect with audiences. Episodes will discuss why each artist chose their instrument or art form and how they arrived at the “magical moment” when all their practice clicked and they discovered their unique sound. The audience will be inspired as David uncovers the pragmatic and often humorous processes behind the beautiful sounds guests produce.

What makes Speaking Soundly unique?

David, an internationally successful musician, can talk with the interviewees from his own knowledge and experiences as a performer at the MET and as an instructor at the Juilliard School and other top conservatories around the country. Few interviewers can bring this understanding to the table, thus the participants understand one another from the onset—their connection is immediate! David produces a warm familial conversation, which allows guests to open up and reveal their personal struggles.

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